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Launch and focus for Recruitment Entrepreneur USA

Recruitment Entrepreneur: About us

James Caan CBE, Founder & Chairman talks though the vision, support and overview of Recruitment Entrepreneur

Recruitment Entrepreneur USA Announcement by James Caan

Chairman, James Caan CBE announces the launch of Recruitment Entrepreneur USA, offering new search firm growth, scale, and exit opportunities to recruitment search firm owners in the United States.

James Caan CBE on launch Recruitment Entrepreneur with Country Director, Doug Bugie

James Caan CBE discusses why now is the right time for Recruitment Entrepreneur USA with Doug Bugie at the helm.

Doug Bugie's, USA Country Director, vision for Recruitment Entrepreneur USA

Doug Bugie discusses why he decided to join Recruitment Entrepreneur USA, his vision and how it can help business owners in the US scale their businesses.

What's the core criteria that you look for when investing into American recruitment companies?

Abid Hamid, Recruitment Entrepreneur USA CEO, discusses what he and the team look for when they are looking at individuals and companies to invest in.

Introduction of Doug Bugie, Country Director of Recruitment Entrepreneur

Doug Bugie, Recruitment Entrepreneur USA Country Director discusses his previous experience and how all that knowledge will be a large part of why Recruitment Entrepreneur USA has a bright future ahead.

What's the combined experience of the Recruitment Entrepreneur leadership team?

Doug Bugie, Country Director, discusses the knowledge, know-how and years of experience that Recruitment Entrepreneur USA will bring to the table for business owners looking to grow their business.

Our Success Stories

Walter James: Exit Video with James Caan

Executive search business Walter James exited the portfolio at the end of 2021. CEO of Walter James, James Absalom, sits down with our Founder, James Caan to talk about the process and results of the exit.

Walter James: Exit Video with Abid Hamid

Executive search business Walter James exited the portfolio at the end of 2021. CEO of Walter James, James Absalom, sits down with our own CEO to talk about the process of the exit, his growth experience, and advice from his past 5 years of being partnered with Recruitment Entrepreneur.

Walter James: Exit Video with Greg Hollis

Walter James: Exit Video with Angus McDowell

How do we support partners

What's the vision for portfolio partners?

CEO, Abid Hamid on Recruitment Entrepreneur's vision for their portfolio partner businesses.

Why partner with Recruitment Entrepreneur?

Chairman, James Caan CBE talks about how Recruitment Entrepreneur facilitates business leaders to focus on what they're good at to succeed.

How does Marketing support our Founding Partners

We cover how Marketing can support your business for growth. From launch to expansion, marketing and branding is a key function of your business to constantly ensure it's reflective of the message you are putting to market. How you get your USP across to Clients and Candidates is vital and the Marketing Team are there every step of the way.

What support is in place for portfolio partners?

Abid Hamid, Group CEO, Greg Hollis, Group COO, and Angus McDowell, share their views on Recruitment Entrepreneur's offering to portfolio partner businesses, how finance adds value, and the most surprising aspect of our support.

What reservations do most founders have?

Doug Bugie, Recruitment Entrepreneur USA Country Director, discusses some of the reservations founders have when they first start looking for investment.

What are the unique benefits of becoming a portfolio partner?

James Caan CBE outlines the benefits of being part of the Recruitment Entrepreneur group.

What's the vision for Recruitment Entrepreneur?

CEO, Abid Hamid, and James Caan CBE, talk about their vision for Recruitment Entrepreneur.

How do we support different sized businesses?

Doug Bugie, Country Director, explains the different levels of support Recruitment Entrepreneur USA offers to businesses as they go through different stages of growth.

How does the budget process work?

Angus McDowell, Group CFO explains how Recruitment Entrepreneur's finance team assists with the budget process.

How does Operations support portfolio companies

Daisy Betteridge, Operations Director, discusses the important role that her team provide to all founder partner portfolio companies when they join Recruitment Entrepreneur USA, from launch to scale.

How can we guarantee success?

Abid Hamid, Group CEO and Greg Hollis, Group COO talk about how Recruitment Entrepreneur scales businesses to a realisation event.

Interview with Lynda Barnes & Sarah McGrath, Directors of 360 Search