Strategic Exit for Your Recruitment Business

Achieve your value realization goals.

Guiding a business from growth to scale and exit requires the right team, strategy and resources. At Recruitment Entrepreneur, we've achieved this numerous times before and know how to guide you to grow and realize the value of your firm with a successful exit event. 

Growing a recruitment business is not just about billing. It’s about talent attraction, development, retention, scale, finance and banking, legal, and so much more. Leveraging our considerable expertise and know-how for these elements enable you to focus on what you’re good at and to realize your business vision. 


Average annual headcount growth across portfolio


Average profitability growth rate post-investment


Typical number of years to reach an exit

How we support your business to scale


Our investment funding is more than money. We ensure existing entrepreneurs can continue to build their businesses and achieve sustained and strategic growth. James Caan CBE and his investment team agree on the value of your business with you and personally invest, making our investment a true partnership.

Mentoring & Strategy

Developing a robust and detailed expansion strategy is fundamental to businesses' sustained growth. Our senior management team works with our portfolio partners to ensure they are focusing their core activity on the right areas to deliver against their forecasted growth targets. The team also helps review plans and provides strategic guidance formally on a monthly basis, as well as always being there for ad hoc advice to keep businesses on track with growth plans.


All aspects of finance are performed by our team of specialist finance professionals from accounting, to payroll, budget forecasting, and monthly management reporting. The finance team delivers ongoing operational support, as well as coordinating and overseeing the annual audits conducted by BDO.


An authentic brand and marketing strategy is critical when expanding your business in a saturated market. We help you develop marketing materials that give you a competitive edge to win more business, as well as creating impactful marketing campaigns to attract great candidates. We also assist with website design and development, providing you with an online and social media strategy, as well as support with advertising, PR, and events.

Technology & Infrastructure

We've invested in world-class, fully integrated CRM, HR, and back-office technology platforms to support all recruitment and marketing activities. Each portfolio business is also supported by our IT team who keep things running smoothly, securely, and efficiently, regardless of whether you're working in the office or remotely.

Operational Support

We have a dedicated HR & operations function to support every aspect of your business and negotiate group deals with key suppliers to reduce your business costs. We implement and constantly keep updated with best-practice strategies, processes, and infrastructure to ensure everything runs efficiently, allowing our partners to focus on running their business.


Our in-house team of legal professionals provides a full suite of services to support our portfolio partners in scaling up their business. They offer advice on a wide range of matters and are able to provide counsel on anything from drafting M&A terms, or reviewing restrictive employment covenants. They are also the first point of contact for any difficult HR matters.

Talent Attraction

We assist all our portfolio partners in attracting top talent and have helped them make numerous senior hires. Our management team also uses its extensive network to support you in building both your candidate and employee talent pool, by attracting them through targeted campaigns, networking events, and activities. Having social media reach on LinkedIn alone of over 65,000 followers also helps with generating awareness.

Learning & Development

A significant part of achieving growth is through sustained training and development. All consultants within the portfolio businesses receive tailored training from accredited recruitment experts and leadership training is provided for the rising stars. Founding partners attend offsite management days Cass Business School and James Caan CBE, himself, as part of their ongoing development.

What our partners say..

Since the investment, my company has grown from a two consultant business to a team of 18, spanning multiple sectors within the property sector.

Grant Kaveney - CEO of GKR London

What our partners say..

What our partners say..

I was able to leverage the extensive M&A experience on hand to ensure a smooth and efficient transaction of our Euromedica acquisition.

James Absalom - CEO of Walter James

What our partners say..

What our partners say..

The expert guidance from RE surpasses any financial investment. We're constantly being supported which is driving our business forward.

Michael Beeken - CEO of Beeken Reeves

What our partners say..

What our partners say..

James Caan CBE and Recruitment Entrepreneur have shown belief in us from day one, which has really helped drive us forward - to the extent that we have now recruited in over 50 cities globally.

Matt Harrison - Co-Founder of Hanami International

What our partners say..

What our partners say..

As a CEO, I feel I have the ability to make the decision and shape a business in my own vision whilst benefiting from the advice and guidance of the highly experienced financial and strategic advisory teams.

Elaine Tyler - CEO of Venatrix

What our partners say..

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We look for exceptional recruitment professionals with relentless ambition. We partner with people around the globe and across all sectors.

Once your application has been received it will be reviewed by our investment team. If successful, we’ll contact you to discuss launching or scaling your business and possible exit strategies in more detail.

What types of services do you provide - permanent, contract, contingent or retained search?